Wesley Woodyard says Peyton Manning is excited about practice, even on a bye week

In New England, we know how Tom Brady is about practice, and no we don’t need anymore Allen Iverson jokes.

However, practice is what makes champions and Peyton Manning is legendary about his practice habits. If your Manning’s backup, you’re not going to get any better as long as he is around.

He's famous for taking all the snaps in practice, and now the Broncos get to see post-season Peyton in primetime, on the practice field.

Linebacker Wesley Woodard talked about the legendary habits:

"He's excited about a practice (in shorts)," Woodyard said. "I've never seen a quarterback like that. If we come out here and finally face him in practice, he will embarrass us and that's something we don't want to do,” according to Jeff Legwold of the Denverpost.com.

"We don't want to get embarrassed anytime we play, so it's definitely a game-time situation anytime we play him out here."