Week 11 Fantasy Football WR Rankings

Our Week 11 Fantasy Football Rankings are here. Here are our WR Rankings and look out for out TE to follow soon. If you have any other Week 11 Fantasy Football lineup decision to make, please ask them in the comments or hit us up on Twitter.

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1. AJ Green vs. KC: Brandon Flowers, as great as he is, has got nothing on AJ Green.

2. Demaryius Thomas vs. SD: Peyton Manning has the ability to make anyone amazing, let alone someone as big and skilled as Thomas.

3. Calvin Johnson vs. GB: 200 yards last week with an injured hand makes me wonder what his stats will look like when his hand is no longer bothering him… probably awfully similar to last year’s.

4. Reggie Wayne vs. NE: The league leader in targets for a reason; Wayne has been outstanding this season.

5. Julio Jones vs. Ari

6. Marques Colston vs. Oak: With 7 TDs over his past six contests, Colston should have your full trust against a terrible Oakland secondary.

7. Roddy White vs. Ari: He’s been awesome in real life football, but for fantasy purposes he is scoring a bit less than desired this season.

8. Wes Welker vs. Ind

9. Eric Decker vs. SD

10. Vincent Jackson vs. Car: Has shown streaky tendencies of rebounding strongly after poor performances, so despite Carolina’s solid secondary, I consider Jackson a low-end WR1 this week.

11. Brandon Marshall vs. SF: Despite Jason Campbell’s glaring deficiencies, he will look for Marshall on almost every passing down as the only true playmaker in the Bears receiving corps.

12. Steve Smith vs. TB

13. Denarius Moore vs. NO: He does wonders with the limited amount of receptions he hauls in each week.

14. Randall Cobb vs. Det: Sneakily one of the biggest steals of the year, Cobb caught 5 TDs in the 3 games prior to the Packers bye last week.

15. Jordy Nelson vs. Det

16. Andre Johnson vs. Jac: Weird that a legitimate concern here is that the Texans will beat up on the Jags so badly that Andre Johnson simply won’t be needed.

17. Miles Austin vs. Cle

18. Larry Fitzgerald vs. Atl: It always makes me shake my head when thinking about the years of prime Larry Fitzgerald has wasted in Arizona with a slew of useless quarterbacks. Even more so when considering how professional he has been throughout it all.

19. Dez Bryant vs. Cle

20. Dwayne Bowe vs. Cin: Had an awesome TD run last week negated by a penalty on the opposite side of the field.

21. Danny Amendola vs. NYJ: Wes Welker has been great against the Jets over the past few seasons, so it’s no difficult to fathom Amendola- with a very similar play style- fairing well this week.

22. Jeremy Maclin vs. Was: Apparently now dealing with a back strain so monitor his status this week before committing to him.

23. Stevie Johnson vs. Mia

24. Mike Wallace vs. Bal: Byron Leftwich has a cannon, so Wallace at least has a chance to score a long one this week.

25. James Jones vs. Det: Hey, as long as Jennings is still out (like I’ve said again and again), Jones is a very capable WR3 with upside.

26. Desean Jackson vs. Was

27. Torrey Smith vs. Pit

28. Darrius Heyward-Bey vs. NO: DHB owners should continue to expect good production as long as Carson Palmer is slinging the ball in Oakland.

29. Mike Williams vs. Car: Williams has found his forte in capitalizing off of the attention Vincent Jackson draws, though Carolina does have the personnel to hold both receivers to quiet games.

30. Brandon Lloyd vs. Ind

31. Lance Moore vs. Oak: Continues to be one of the more unheralded players in the league despite very solid production this season.

32. Brian Hartline vs. Buf: Hartline’s average of 9 targets per game this season has proven more than enough for him to put up quality numbers.

33. Michael Crabtree vs. Chi

34. Jeremy Kerley vs. Stl: Hypothetically, if the Jets were to do a complete overhaul of their roster, Kerley would surely be near the top of the list of players they would be adamant about keeping around.

35. Malcolm Floyd vs. Den

36. Danario Alexander vs. Den: With Malcolm Floyd likely blanketed by Champ Bailey, Alexander could turn out to be a great play this week as he has clearly developed a stronger rapport with Phillip Rivers over two games than Robert Meachem has all season.

37. Titus Young vs. GB

38. Anquan Boldin vs. Pit

39. Santana Moss vs. Phi: RGIII has been looking Moss’s way with surprising frequency in the red zone this season.

40. Cecil Shorts vs. Hou: His value is almost entirely dependent on whether or not he catches that long touchdown pass.



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