USC losing to UCLA today may have cost Notre Dame their shot at the National Title

Hard to imagine, but as USC lined up against the UCLA Bruins today, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish were probably the biggest fans of their next week opponent, knowing that they needed a strong Trojan team to aid in their quest for the National Title game.

Well the Irish are really going to need some help now, Even though they put a beating on Wake Forest 38-0 during their Seniors' last game at South Bend, they saw USC get behind 24-0, and not able to catch up, eventually losing 38-28.  The Trojans loss, their fourth this year, hurts Notre Dame’s strength of schedule, and valuable points in the BCS calculation.

It looks like the Irish are going to be fickle and start rooting for another PAC-12 school that they beat earlier, Stanford.  They go to Eugene to battle the Ducks or Oregon.

The BCS had better hope they get some help, or their will be an entire Irish nation wanting their heads if the Irish beat USC next week.