Trent Williams' hand colliding with Richard Sherman's face results in a $7,875 fine

After the Redskins' loss to the Seahawks last weekend, OT Trent Williams had just about enough of Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman's trash talking, so he walked over to him as Sherman was exchanging pleasantries with Trent's teammates.

With his helmet still on, and in menacing silence something akin to Jason in Friday the 13th about to rip a sorry teenage camper's head off, confronts Mr. Sherman.

The exchange went a little something like this...

Sherman: "Hey whatchu gonna do boy"
Williams: "I'm gonna punch you in your goddamn face"
Sherman: "Well do it then boy"
Williams: "Blammmm!" (sound of Williams obliging)

Sherman did kinda ask for it, so maybe that's why the fine was so small for something so egregious. Later, we learned that Sherman was mic'd up for the game, and post-game as it were, so the world got to see and hear the dust-up in full motion.

We do have one question though. $7,875? What's with the specific number? Can't the NFL just round it up to an even $8 G's?

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