Tom Brady doesn’t worry about Luck

Andrew Luck that is. Tom Brady plainly said that he doesn’t play against Luck, he plays against the Colts defense.

As the years have passed, he's said this many times before when asked about going up against another's team's QB.

Peyton Manning, Eli Manning and Drew Brees are just a few names to get thrown at him throughout the years, but the answer remains the same.

"My focus has been on what that defense does," the Patriots star quarterback said during his Q&A session at Gillette Stadium this afternoon (via Steve Silva of the Boston Globe).

"It’s always the Colts defense and it’s always centered around two players and those two guys are still there.That’s really the challenge for us this week, is trying to figure out how to block that entire front. There are a lot of different looks from the last time we played them, trying to understand the scheme and how they’re doing things but they’re good and they really rush the passer and that’s a big challenge."