Tight ends coach John Garrett bolts for Buccaneers job

There’s an old saying, “getting out of Dodge City,” but in this case, it’s "getting out of Dallas." Tight end coach John Garrett, brother of head coach Jason Garrett, had been the target of an eventual firing in Jerry Jones' quest to bring change to the Cowboys. Some believe it's a tactic to make Jason Garrett step down, but his brother wanted no part of that.

According to Todd Archer of ESPNDallas.com, Garrett got the one up on Jones and jumped ship to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and become their wide receivers coach. Of all the positions that needed to be addressed, tight end wasn’t one of them.

However, the tug of war continues for Jones and his coach, but Garrett acted quickly and getting a job so quick is evident he's a solid coach. It's still up in the air if Jason Garrett will give up the play calling duties or even step down, but it is clear that there will be even more tension if someone is hired to do so.

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