Terrell Owens wants to sue team that dumped him

Terrell Owens wants to sue his former Indoor Football League team, crying foul over being unceremoniously dumped. The Allen Wranglers, which T.O. played for and was part-owner, dumped him after they had enough of the head case receiver.

Team president and co-owner Tommy Benizio said  “the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back for Mr. Owens was his no-show to a scheduled appearance at a local children’s hospital with other Wrangler players and coaches,” “It is not the desire of the Allen Wranglers’ organization to disappoint fans by having our most notable player miss a scheduled appearance.”

He also went on about how Owens “recently made it clear that he had no intentions of playing in the team’s upcoming crucial away games in Nebraska and Everett.”

Looks like it’s time for Terrell to hang up those cleats.

You couldn’t find a job in the NFL, settled for the IFL, found a team that was willing to make you part owner, and you couldn’t even keep up your end of the deal. Where exactly do you go from here, T.O.?

TMZ is reporting that the Wranglers notified Owens in writing that he had 48 hours to get out of the house they let him live in during the season, and to return the 2012 Jeep Cherokee they loaned him. The team also has allegedly handed him a whole $50 to buyout his 50% stake in the team. Ouch.

That fifty dollars and a coupon could be used to rent another Jeep Cherokee for a day, or perhaps it can go to retainer fees for his attorneys.

T.O. is lawyering up at the moment and is considering legal action against the Wranglers for breaching the terms of his contract.

Owens is contending that his contract allowed him to skip away games, and standing up the poor children at the hospital was a screw up by the team’s publicist, who he says gave him the wrong date of the event.

The other players on the team made it and were apparently given the right date.