Steelers' OC Todd Haley faces his old team tonight

The 5-3 Pittsburgh Steelers host the 1-7 Kansas City Chiefs tonight, and offensive coordinator Todd Haley, who's been saying all the right things about his former team this week, must be licking his chops at the chance to crush the team that fired him in the middle of the season last year.

And it will probably be easy to do. The Chief just aren't very good, and although Haley is over being fired, his players know this isn't just any other game.

“Without him saying it, you can always see it,” said QB Ben Roethlisberger, via the Observer-Reporter. “Any time you have a guy on your team that used to play for another team, there’s always a little extra incentive to try to win for that guy. As offensive guys, yeah, you want to pull for your guy, get it for him.”

Is this a big game to Haley? Of course it is, but you won't hear him make it bigger than any other.

“Every game of the week is the biggest game of the year,” He said.

“This is the biggest game of the year as far as I am concerned, because it’s this week. This team needs to continue doing the things on offense and continue to get better.”