Source: Andy Reid wants to coach the San Diego Chargers

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid will most likely be fired on Black Monday, and he's publicy stated that he does want to coach again next year.

A league source is saying that Reid has his sights set on coaching in San Diego next season, once of course, Norv Turner is put down as well, according to a report by Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.

Reid has been in Philly for fourteen years and the Los Angeles native would apparently love to set up shop in Southern California.

The source says Reid is making his intentions known and is gathering together a potential staff.

San Deigo may be a good fit for Reid. He'll already have a proven QB in Philip Rivers, and given Reid's acumen for the passing game, he may be able to resurect the franchise after a dismal season.

Of course, it would all hinge on whether the Chargers even want Reid, who didn't bring a Super Bowl to Philadelphia in fourteen years.

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