Ryan Clark: "You lose one game in Pittsburgh and the sky is falling, it's just part of the culture"

Ryan Clark says the sky isn’t falling; it’s just the fans on the bandwagon that are.

After Pittsburgh dropped its 2nd straight game, Clark feels fans should believe in a team that has won 6 Super Bowls, and that’s enough to say wait until the end of the year before pronouncing the Steelers dead.

Injuries have played a major factor, including Ben Roethlisberger, who is the leader of the offense and has been sidelined with an injured shoulder/ribs for two weeks.

It has been a quarterback carousel, Rashard Mendenhall hasn’t been able to stay healthy, and Todd Haley’s omni potent offense hasn’t had all of their weapons on the field at once.

However, it’s like any football team in the NFL - one week you're king and the next you’re a chump. Ryan spoke to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about how he feels about Steelers fans writing them off with 5 games to go.

“You lose one game in Pittsburgh and the sky is falling, it's just part of the culture," safety Ryan Clark said. "It's part of winning six Super Bowls, it's part of being 12-4 three of last four years. We're a spoiled bunch and overall we've become entitled. But you can't be entitled, you can't walk into places and just think because you're the Pittsburgh Steelers you're going to win.

"We need to execute and we haven't been executing. Do we need to win next week? Without a doubt. We would have needed to win next week had we won this game."