Russell Wilson isn’t afraid to get dirty: “I know that's part of the game”

Rookie quarterback Russell Wilson has already surpassed fellow first year signal callers Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. While they were getting eliminated in their games, Wilson was downfield blocking for Marshawn Lynch on a touchdown run.

It was impressive to see Wilson sprint past everyone and spring his running back. Every week, he does something the other two rookies haven’t done, and if he doesn’t win rookie of the year, blame the media machine.

Wilson plays the game with a hard nosed style of a running college quarterback, except in the NFL, that will get you hurt fast (ask RG3 how that worked out for him). Wilson though, understands that isn’t his primary job, but he’ll stick his nose in there once in a while to help the cause.

"No, I know that's part of the game," Wilson said Thursday. "When you're downfield, they're going to try to possibly block you. But I don't try to take on linebackers or defensive linemen or anything crazy like that."

"Hopefully it's somebody my size; otherwise, I'll be pretty smart about it," according to Joshua Mayers of the Seattle Times.

Coach Pete Carroll added:

"I don't worry about Russell," he said earlier this week. "What do you want me to do? Tell him to get out of the way? He's OK. It's not like he's laying bone-crushing blocks, you know? He's just screening, a little shove here and there.

He picked out a good guy, a guy that's his own size in (Washington's 5-foot-9 cornerback Josh Wilson) and they went at it a little bit downfield. I thought it was a good choice by him."

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