Rod Chudzinski won’t rule out trading Colt McCoy or Brandon Weeden, thinks Norv Turner can help Weeden

It’s not a very well kept secret that the Cleveland Browns aren’t enamored with either Colt McCoy or Brandon Weeden.

Coach Rod Chudzinski spoke at the combine and sounded very much like a coach still in search of his quarterback. When asked if he was open to trading either of his two quarterbacks, Chudzinski replied:

"We’re looking to improve our team in any areas, by any means of doing that," Chudzinski said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plains Dealer.

However, he did throw Weeden a bone by saying he thought offensive coordinator Norv Turner could help Weeden.

"He has a really good arm, he can throw the ball, he can make all the throws that you need to throw, he has a good, calm poise and demeanor in the pocket. Again, he was up and down a little bit and during the season as any quarterback, especially a young quarterback is. You see some things that are there that get you excited about him.''