Robert Griffin III could have possible torn ACL

The news on Robert Griffin III's knee goes from bad to possibly worse, as an MRI today will answer if he does actually have a torn ACL. Griffin, after the game wasn’t optimistic that he avoided more damage to his knee.

"No matter what it is, our season's over right now, and I've just got to make sure that I get back healthy no matter what the injury is,'' Griffin said according to Joe Corbett of USA Today.

There are many questioning Mike Shanahan’s handling of the situation, a clearly hobbling Griffin tried valiantly, but should he have been pulled?

Shanahan replied: "We would not play Robert if we thought there was a risk of him further injuring the LCL,''

Griffin backed his coach saying: "I probably would have been right back out there on the field,'' RGIII said.”You respect authority. And I respect Coach Shanahan. But at the same time, you have to step up and be a man sometimes and there was no way I was coming out of the game.''

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