Rob Ryan on Cowboys vs. Browns: "It's personal"

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator isn't going to play the old 'say the right thing yto the media' card this weekend, he's out for revenge against ihs former team, the Cleveland Browns.

Ryan was Eric Mangini's defensive coordinator during Eric's time as head coach of the Browns. When the team axed Mangini in 2010, Ryan, with one year left on his contract, felt pretty dissed when they didn't bother to interview him for the vacant HC spot. Now he has a little personal motivation to beat them, and beat them good come Sunday.

Ryan told NFL Network's Ian Rapoport that "Any time you pour everything into it and apparently management didn't see it as good enough, of course it's personal."

In contrast to what he said, Ryan doesn't seem to be that bothered by the decision not to consider him for thehead coaching job. He didn't want it anyway.

"It's not like they asked me to stay," Ryan said. "But they should have. But I would have said, 'No."