Richard Sherman on the Falcons wide receivers: “They’re two of the best in the league”

When Seahawks brash cornerback Richard Sherman acknowledges that someone does something well, he really must be impressed. Sherman is usually frank in his assessment of players and teams.

Before the Redskins playoff game, he said “he wasn’t impressed with the Washington receiving corps.”

Obviously Roddy White and Julio Jones, both receivers have a good combination of size and speed, and flash enough talent to warrant Sherman to be respectful.

“They’re two of the best in the league. They’re two of the best out there right now as individuals. For a tandem, they’re probably the top tandem out there,” according to Curtis Crabtree of

“I think Roddy is craftier of a route-runner,” Sherman said. “He uses different tricks and things. You can see that he’s a veteran when he’s route-running. Julio runs hard routes and plays the game more physical. I think he’s stronger in his routes and uses his body more.”

“This is probably the best pair [of receivers] and pair [of cornerbacks] that you could match-up, and because of the size, and because of their physical nature in the way that they play, it’s going to be really exciting to see,” Carroll said.