Redskins Owner Dan Snyder hates the Giants and not ashamed to show it after win

Robert Griffin III not only won a huge game Monday night, he gave the Washington Redskins owner the room to express himself.  

After years of frustration, Daniel Snyder finally has a head coach that knows what he’s doing, and a quarterback, a special one.

The Monday night win pulled the Redskins within 1 game of the division leading Giants. Having those elements in place gave Snyder a window of opportunity to let loose and have a moment.

I hate those motherf——,” Snyder said according to Robert Klemko of the USA Today.

Snyder’s disdain for the Giants’ and owner John Mara may have to do with Mara’s involvement in a $36 million salary cap penalty to the Redskins, or the fact the Giants have won the Super Bowl 2 times in the past 5 years.

Things could be turning around though, as the Redskins have won the last 3 of 4 games.

A Mara quote about the infractions was hung in the Redskins locker room before last night’s game:

"I think (the Redskins) are lucky they didn't lose draft picks," Mara said. "I thought the penalties imposed were proper."