Read What? Marc Trestman says Jay Cutler is athletic enough to run the read-option

According to Gregg Rosenthal of, coach Marc Trestman stated that the team will be running the read-option in 2013.

Quarterback Jay Cutler must be thrilled at the thought of having a linebacker coming off the edge directly at him.

Trestman won’t force Cutler to turn into Russell Wilson, but the signal caller will have times where he’ll have to take off.

This could be a little bit of concern seeing the fact Cutler tends to get injured when exposed to constant hits (We guess from the past few years that’s not much of a change). Rosenthal writes:

‘Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman revealed at the NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix that the read-option will be part of the Bears' playbook.

We wouldn't expect Jay Cutler to use the attack much, but it will give defenses more to prepare for. Cutler is athletic enough to at least make defenses pause on option-type plays.’