Ravens and Flacco's agent Joe Linta meet in Indy

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio was lucky to witness first hand Joe Linta and Ravens V.P. of football administration Pat Moriarty walk into the Capital Grill in Indianapolis just as Florio was having dinner - a story falling right on his lap.

Looks like this a clear sign that talks between the two sides have commenced. They haven't talked since August 2012, and a lot has changed since then.

QB Joe Flacco has earned his elite status by winning the Super Bowl, not to mention downing the Broncos and Patriots to make it there. What seemed like Baltimore holding all the cards earlier in the season, Flacco now has all the leverage in negotiating a new contract, and a big one at that.

The Ravens may soon find out the Linta may be a difficult to deal with, as he's articulated many times that Flacco should be the highest, if not one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league.

Whether it's just a lot of posturing remains to be seen, but hope remains on both sides that a deal gets done soon. Meeting up is the first step.

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