Randy Moss’s experience is helping the 49ers prepare for the playoffs

The greatest deep threat in NFL history may be getting long in the tooth, but also deep in experience. Bill Belichick once said Randy Moss was the smartest wide receiver he has ever coached.

While in New England, Belichick would effuse praise on the mercurial receiver, saying his knowledge of coverages and defenses were superior.

It wasn’t just wordplay; many veteran receivers couldn’t get the complicated Patriots system down in an entire year.

Moss never played a preseason game in his inaugural year as a Patriot in 2007, but by years end, he had one of the greatest seasons by any receiver in history.

However, his exit from Foxoboro was quite noisy in 2010. A famed news conference was the straw that broke Belichick's back, and he was traded to the Minnesota Vikings.

Moss learned from the experience and doesn't air his dirty laundry anymore.

Moss, now with 49ers, has taken a low key approach, he avoids the media and doesn’t want the spotlight, unless it’s with his teammates.

"Randy's been great," running back Frank Gore said. "He's been here (in the playoffs) before, and he's happy to be back, to get to our goal and that's to get to the Super Bowl," according to Cam Inman of the mercurynews.com

"Randy talks to us all the time," Crabtree said. "I'm in the room with Randy all day, every day. So it's a lot of things we talk about."

"I think it's been A-plus," Coach Jim Harbaugh said.


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