Pete Carroll turns down chance to embarrass Jim Harbaugh, 49ers: "We have more class than that”

Pete Carroll told his star cornerback Richard Sherman when asked to try to score to get to 50 points, Sherman asked: 'Let's score and go for two.' he said, 'We have more class than that' Carroll replied," according to Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports.

The Seahawks demolished the San Francisco 49ers to show the country on national television that they are for real. The brash and cocky Jim Harbaugh had been dancing in the spotlight with his quarterback carousel, but Sunday night the 49ers could have used Alex Smith and the second guessing will begin.

On the other side, Carroll was pleased with his team’s performance:

"We've been trying to get to this tempo, this mentality, this discipline — we've been on it for three years working together — and this is what it feels like when you get it rolling," Carroll said

"This, I think, is a statement — for us. This wasn't a team that was struggling. It was a really legitimate opponent. Because of the respect we hold for them this is a valuable realization for us."

Carroll and Harbaugh have a history going back to their PAC-10 days and the Seahawks could have dropped the hammer, but not doing so says volumes that the Seahawks already were moving on.