Pete Carroll still catching heat for icing the Falcons kicker before game winner

Seattle coach Pete Carroll is still feeling the heat for outsmarting himself and icing kicker Matt Bryant during last Sunday's divisional playoff game against Atlanta, who missed his first attempt. Carroll acted surprised after the miss like 'who called the timeout?' You did Pete.

On national television in plain sight of the cameras, Carroll instructed the official on exactly when to call it. Bryant, with a practice kick under his belt, nailed a 49 yard field goal to send the Seahawks home for the year.

'Carroll frantically pleaded with the official, saying later that, the way he understood things, [Carroll said ] “Nobody’s going to get a chance to do that (get a practice kick).”, wrote Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco Chronicle.

He’s right; that shouldn’t happen. But this is on Carroll, and Miami’s Joe Philbin, and the Giants‘Tom Coughlin, and every other coach (too many to count) who pulled this pathetic stunt in recent years.

If you wait so long that the opposing team gets off a snap, you’ve shown little regard for the ethics of coaching,'

Sometimes, trying to outsmart fate turns into disaster, something Carroll will have to think about until training camp.

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