Patriots won’t dignify Brendon Ayanbadejo’s trash talk: "We've got other things to worry about”

The Baltimore Ravens don’t like the New England Patriots, we know that already. The Patriots beat the Ravens in the 2011 AFC Championship game, but you can’t tell them that. To the Ravens, every loss is an excuse and every win is a monumental triumph.

It’s bad enough to have to listen to every sound bite from the Ray Lewis goodbye tour, but Brendon Ayanbadejo? Really? Ayanbadejo has 27 tackles in 2012, hardly qualifies him as somebody to listen to. However, that's the Ravens, the greatest non-show on earth.

Ayanbadejo called the Patriots offense a gimmick:

"New England does some suspect stuff on offense;" the Baltimore Ravens linebacker tweeted "Can't really respect it. Comparable to a cheap shot b4 a fight," according to Simon Samano of USA Today.

The Patriots gave little credence to the Ravens linebacker:

"He wasted no time, huh?" Patriots’ tight end Michael Hoomanawanui said with a chuckle.

"We've got other things to worry about, like whom to block, how to run a route, what routes we're running," Hoomanawanui said, adding of Ayanbadejo's shot at the hurry-up offense: "Everyone's entitled to their opinion. We'll keep doing what's working for us and what's going to get us a victory."

"I can't speak for everybody but me personally I'm not on the social network, Facebook, none of that," cornerback Aqib Talib said. "So that's in one ear and out the other."


Patriots won’t dignify Brendon Ayanbadejo’s trash talk: "We've got other things to worry about” | 60 Max Power O - Pro Football News, Coverage and Analysis


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