Patriots roll to second seed in AFC via 28-0 win over Miami

After a sloppy performance last week in Jacksonville, the Patriots put the screws to the Miami Dolphins, thrashing them 28-0.

The Patriots already knew that if they win they would get the second seed in the AFC, giving them a bye and a possible showdown against number one seeded Denver Broncos.

A possible Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning matchup for the rights to go to the Super Bowl will have to wait, for now they had to take care of the Dolphins.

From the start, with the return of Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady had his full compliment of weapons on the same field. He had all day in the pocket, shredding the Miami defense, throwing for 284 yards with 2 touchdowns.

Wes Welker chipped in, catching 8 passes for 94 yards and 1 touchdown.

The Patriots defense stifled rookie Ryan Tannehill, sacking him 7 times and intercepting him once. Defensive end Justin Francis had a career day registering 3 sacks, 3 tackles, and 3 tackles for loss.

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Patriots roll to second seed in AFC via 28-0 win over Miami | 60 Max Power O - Pro Football News, Coverage and Analysis


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