Panthers GM to Newton: make more plays in the pocket

While new Carolina Panthers GM Dave Gettleman thinks the read option is all fine and dandy, but he'd like to see more from QB Cam Newton in the pocket.

"I think a read option is an option," Gettleman said Thursday, via the Charlotte Observer. "But at the end of the day your quarterback has to make plays from the pocket. And if he can't, you're going to struggle."

While he's not saying they need to abandon their offensive playcalling and force Newton to be more of a pocket passer, it's something that they'd like to mix in. Make no mistake, they'll still utilize what Newton does best, and that's the focus.

"We have (the read option) as a mixer," coach Ron Rivera said. "We have it just enough that coordinators have to pay attention to what we do. I think off of it, we can do so many different things."

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