Owner Zygi Wilf and team president Mark Wilf on Leslie Frazier: "He's our coach"

Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier got a vote of confidence from the ownership that his job isn't in danger. The Vikings had been struggling the past few weeks, and 2nd year quarterback Christian Ponder was slumping to the point where many questioned if he should be replaced.

Well, after a 21-14 win over division rival Chicago, ownership decided to loosen the noose around Frazier's neck.

The win seems to have convinced the team’s ownership to bring coach Leslie Frazier back for the 2013 season, according to Sid Hartman of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

They were both satisfied with the job done by the coaching staff with a young team.

Mark Wilf stated thats there's no reason Frazier wouldn’t return, and Zygi Wilf clarified the situation completely by saying, "he's our coach."

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