Not me bro: Richard Sherman denies using Adderall

Adderall is the new designer drug that athletes are gravitating to. However, they all seem to get busted for it. A drug substituted in place of steroids, players are taking it without a care. That is until they get caught.

Cornerback Richard Sherman is the latest player to test positive for a performance enhancing drug, but he is saying, “not me bro.”

Steve Wyche of the NFL Network reports that Sherman has confirmed that he has been notified by the NFL of the suspension, and that Sherman says he has never taken Adderall.

He's currently appealing the suspension and is allowed to practice until a final decision is made. A four game suspension could affect Sherman’s eligibility if the Seahawks were make the playoffs, and extending the process would definitely risk Sherman being able to play in the post season.

Suspensions of this sort can take over a month, so there is a serious threat, with 5 games left, that appealing and losing would cost the Seahawks of Sherman’s services beyond the regular season.