NFL Draft Videostat Profile: QB Ryan Tannehill

We're moving closer and closer to the draft. While not the premiere QB in the draft, Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill has a lot of tangibles that put him in our QB top 5...

He's converted quarterback after playing wide receiver for the first half of his career, and was the team's leading receiver two seasons prior to becoming a quarterback. This shows his great athletic ability and how he can grasp an offense from two separate positions. Understanding the receiver position gives him an advantage in understanding the route concepts from a receiver point of view. Given his height, quick release and solid accuracy on short to intermediate routes, Tannehill could work in a west coast system.

Tannehill lacks arm strength on deep balls and there just isn't much accuracy as he seems to be aiming or guiding his long throws, rather than just letting it go. He’s been a quick riser, but when watching tape, reality sets in. You've got an inexperienced quarterback with a lot of potential that will need time, patience and coaching in order to be a legitimate NFL quarterback. Tannehill has a lean frame like most wide receivers and will need to be bulk up to take punishment in the NFL. He'll need to work with his mechanics and footwork to become a legitimate NFL Starter.

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