Mike V's NFL first round mock draft – 2.0

Mike Volpone is hard at work with another version of his 2012 NFL 1st round mock draft. Find his previous version here >.


Indianapolis Colts

1. Andrew Luck – QB Stanford

Previous – Luck

Comments - Still #1 unless someone finds something to push RG3

2. Washington Redskins (from St. Louis Rams)

Robert Griffin III – QB Baylor

Previous – Griffin

Comments Unless Luck or Irsay screws it up, RG3 will be selected and linked to Luck from now on

3. Minnesota Vikings

Matt Kahlil – OT USC

Previous – Kahlil

Comments There is talk about trading down for a package, but if not, they stay true and pick Kahlil

4. Cleveland Browns

Trent Richardson – RB Alabama

Previous – Richardson

Comments Teams are looking to trade up to get either Richardson or Blackmon ahead of the Browns.  If not, Browns get to choose and they stay with Richardson.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Morris Claiborne – CB LSU

Previous – Claiborne

Comments – The best suited for the Bucs.  Top shut down corner in the draft.

6. St. Louis Rams

Justin Blackmon – WR Oklahoma State

Previous – Blackmon

Comments – The Rams are still hoping on Blackmon falling to them.  They will be really happy if he is.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars

Melvin Ingram – DE South Carolina

Previous – Reiff

Comments – The Jags need some help on defense to take some pressure of the offense, and the best DE goes here to apply pressure.

8. Miami Dolphins

Quinton Coples – DE North Carolina

Previous- Coples

Comments – He gives the Dolphins what they need for the value.  Tannehill is a need, but not the value

9. Carolina Panthers

Michael Brockers – DT LSU

Previous – DeCastro

Comments – The Panthers have been looking for a replacement since Peppers left.  This could be it.

10. Buffalo Bills

Michael Floyd – WR Notre Dame

Previous – Upshaw

Comments – The Bills have done a lot on defense, now fill the big need to go alongside Stevie Johnson. Floyd gives them their other side now.

11. Kansas City Chiefs

Fletcher Cox – DT Mississippi State

Previous – Poe

Comments – Poe has bounced up and down and Cox looks like the safer pick here.  Don’t be surprised if they go for Kuechly or Tannehill here.

12. Seattle Seahawks

Dontari Poe – DT Memphis

Previous – Kirkpatrick

Comments – With no solid QB here, they go DT and get Poe for a possible steal.

13. Arizona Cardinals

Reilly Reiff – OT Iowa

Previous – Ingram

Comments – The Cardinals have needs on the O-Line and he is the best available a notch below Kahlil.

14. Dallas Cowboys

Dre Kirkpatrick – CB Alabama

Previous – Wright

Comments – I got killed last week by Dallas fans, so I listened and went with the most glaring need - a CB, and a good one in Kirkpatrick.  Hope this shuts up the boys in Texas now.

15. Philadelphia Eagles

Luke Kuechly – LB Boston College

Previous Kuechly

Comments – This is still the Eagles #1 need, so why change from the best ILB in the draft in a long time?

16. New York Jets

Mike Adams – OT Ohio State

Previous – Zeitler

Comments – The Jets need a tackle opposite Ferguson.  The Jets hope to have better luck this time with a OSU player than they did with Vernon Goldston.

17. Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland Raiders)

David DeCastro – OG Stanford

Previous – Miller

Comments – The Bengals are excited if DeCastro falls to them.  They have needs at RB, WR and CB, but this is the best available.

18. San Diego Chargers

Dont’a  Hightower – LB Alabama

Previous – Adams

Comments – The Chargers get a ILB that fills there need they have been looking for.  Preferred Kuechly, but he went too high to go and get.

19. Chicago Bears

Jonathan Martin – OT Stanford

Previous – Floyd

Comments – The Bears need to fill holes and why not open holes with Martin for Forte.  The Bears could be active to trade up to get a more glaring need DE, CB or WR, but here it is the best value.

20. Tennessee Titans

Courtney Upshaw – DE Alabama

Previous – Brockers

Comments – Best available DE, a position they are in serious need of.  Another ‘Bama defender from the toughest to score on last year.

21. Cincinnati Bengals

Stephon Gilmore – CB South Carolina

Previous – Cox

Comments – They debate between Lamar Miller, Kendall Wright or Gilmore.  The defense wins.

22. Cleveland Browns

Kendall Wright – WR Baylor

Previous – Hill

Comments – They go WR, but they change from Hill who has not had the reps, while Wright caught over 100 passes last year.  They will flip flop on this choice if it presents itself.

23. Detroit Lions

Janoris Jenkins – CB North Alabama

Previous – Jenkins

Comments – If Jenkins turns the character issues around, he could be the missing piece to a talented Lions team.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers

Kevin Zeitler – OG Wisconsin

Previous – Nix

Comments – Zeitler is solid against both the run and pass.  Good footwork and a mean streak, just what the Steelers want.

25. Denver Broncos

Lamar Miller – RB Miami

Previous – Thompson

Comments – Good hands out of the backfield and good off tackle.  He could catch 75 passes from Manning this year.

26. Houston Texans

Stephen Hill – WR Georgia Tech

Previous – Perry

Comments – If Hill plays to the level at the combine, he could be as dangerous as Andre Johnson, because of Andre Johnson taking the extra man in coverage.  Tough to guard two 6’3” plus WR.

27. New England Patriots

Mark Barron – S Alabama

Previous – Barron

Comments – Best player available for a secondary that needs the help.  Possibly move Chung to FS and have Barron play SS.

28. Green Bay Packers

Nick Perry – DE USC

Previous – Hightower

Comments – The Packers need some help at DE and Perry is the best available.  McClellin is shooting up the board, not a surprise to see his name in discussion.

29. Baltimore Ravens

Peter Konz – C Wisconsin

Previous – Dennard

Comments – The Ravens need a new anchor on the middle of the line and Konz is the man for the job

30. San Francisco 49ers

Alshon Jeffrey – WR South Carolina

Previous – Gilmore

Comments – The 49ers need another deep threat and if Jeffrey plays to his ability he will open things up for Smith to go deep, like he showed in the Bowl game in a little over 3 quarters.

31. New England Patriots

Kendall Reyes – DT Connecticut

Previous – Mercilus

Comments – Big force inside, along with a solid character teammate. He also has played both end and tackle, which is another plus to Belichick.  He likes drafting UCONN players, but hopefully gets better results.

32. New York Giants

David Wilson – RB Virginia Tech

Previous – Fleener

Comments – With Jacobs gone, the Giants need another hard nose back and Wilson fills the bill with durable tough runs.  He also can catch the ball out of the backfield and play special teams.  An all purpose pick.


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