Mike McCarthy says there is always room to improve: "There are some other areas we're going to focus on"

Mike McCarthy spoke from the combine and talked about the transition from one year to another. He stated the biggest enemy is complacency, that being satisfied leads to a losing mentality. McCarthy talked about the importance of finding new ways to improve.

"To me, when you're working somewhere like Green Bay, you have to fight complacency and entitlement. I think entitlement is bigger in our society today than 10 years ago, let alone in our business,” McCarthy said, via Bob McGinn of jsonline.com.

"I find myself recreating every year. It's something I spend a lot of time on and read and research."

"I think our teaching is excellent," he said. "There are some other areas we're going to focus on."

"We are who we are. This is how we get better. We don't get better instantly through player acquisition in the off-season. We do it through our off-season program."