Michael Vick to start Sunday vs. Giants

This could be Michael Vick’s swan song in Philadelphia as starting quarterback Nick Foles went down with a broken hand against the Washington Redskins according to Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid.

Vick, who after a turbulent career in Atlanta that lead to jail time for dog fighting, resurrected his career afterwards in Philadelphia in 2009.

Vick’s star rose again but as age and his reckless style of play had deteriorated his skills and ability to stay healthy.

Vick’s passer rating went from 93.7 (2009) and 100.2 (2010), to 84.9 (2011) and 79.2 (2012). Vick also has never completed a full season in Philadelphia as 13 starts was his highest total in 2011.

Vick will have a chance to showcase his skills to other NFL teams looking for a veteran quarterback.