Maurice Jones Drew will try to practice on injured foot this week

The Jaguars season is just about over, but for Maurice Jones-Drew it is important to get on the field before it ends.

Jones-Drew in the off-season had been trying to secure a long term contract, but ownership scoffed at that possibility.

Jones-Drew then found himself in a tight situation when he injured his foot early in the season. A player’s only recourse in contract squabbles is his actual performance, if you can’t perform then your damaged goods.

Head Coach Mike Mularkey talked about Jones-Drew progress:

“I can tell you this: Based on his position and what he has to do, this kind of injury is different than for maybe a lineman,” Mularkey said, via Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union.

“Everybody is different with their pain tolerance. I can’t compare him to anybody else because I don’t know how he’s feeling.

Some guys come back from a torn ACL and lead the league in rushing; some guys take longer to come back.”

“Obviously we would like to have him back because he’s a special back [at] full go or almost at full go,” Mularkey said.

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