Maurice Jones Drew to owner Shad Khan: “You can’t just hop in and become a Super Bowl Champion”

The 2011 rushing champion Maurice Jones-Drew held out of training camp, lobbying for a new contract. New owner Shad Khan balked, and never budged.

Jones returned late in camp, but the damage was already done. All he had left as a negotiating tactic was to put up the same type of numbers that won him the rushing title before. Well, his plan came to a screeching halt as soon as he injured his foot.

To say he doesn’t have a leg to stand on now takes on a new meaning. The 1-8 Jaguars will be in yet another rebuilding after the 2012 season, and Jones, trapped in this lost season, will have to rebuild his image to the owner in order to get paid.

Khan has gone public with his verbal blasts on Jaguar players, and Jones-Drew spoke to Fox Sports Radio with Petros and Money about his owner’s willingness to brow beat his team publicly.

“It is what it is. He’s an emotional guy and he wants to win. We all understand that, just like we want to win as well but when you buy a team for $765 million you expect production. We haven’t produced to the level that he expected and he’s a little bit upset right now but we’ll get things going. It’s a patient game; you can’t just hop in and become a Super Bowl Champion. You have to work at it and continue to make sure we get the right pieces. We feel like we have, we just have to keep everybody healthy.”

“It’s just a tough year for us right now. I think there are a lot of things that have been in place, a lot of key players have gotten injured throughout the year and we just have to battle through some things. Hopefully we can get it back straight and get it back on a winning trend.”