Mark Sanchez says farewell to being a starting QB the best way he knows how

A dismal season all around for both of these teams, but the Buffalo Bills managed to come out on top and finish the season on a high note, routing the New York Jets 28-9.

The Jets, due to a concussed Greg McElroy, gave an opportunity to Mark Sanchez once again only for him to disappoint. He turned the ball over twice, with of course, in what has become his season trademark, threw a pick-six to linebacker Bryan Scott.

Sanchez was 17 of 35 passes for 205 yards. Along with the pick-six, he also lost a fumble. Way to come back from his last outing, when he turned the ball over five times against Tennessee two weeks ago.

"I know I'm better than this," said Sanchez, via the Associated Press. "I'm contracted to be here. And I want to be here."

The Bills and Jets wake up today with a lot of uncertainty for both staffs, but for now, the Bills can savor at least one last win for Gaily and crew. Jet's head coach Rex Ryan looked exhausted, but kinda relieved that this is all over.

"The future is going to be addressed at a different time," Ryan said. "Six wins isn't up to anybody's expectations, for this team and certainly not mine."