Marc Trestman on dealing with the volatile Jay Cutler: “You approach him by trying to cut through all the junk”

Marc Trestman has a big task going forward - fix Jay Cutler. It’s not only physical, it’s mental; he also needs to reprogram the troublesome but talented signal caller.

Trestman is known to be a quarterback guru, a messiah of sorts, who can get a quarterback into the right style of offense to support his strengths.

When Trestman signed on to be the Chicago Bears coach, he knew what he was buying into. Chicago fans want to see a consistent offense at the least, an explosive one would be a dream come true.

Trestman spoke to 670 The Score in Chicago with The McNeil and Spiegel Show about how he’ll approach Cutler, and the process to get him on track.

“You approach him by trying to cut through all the junk and really try to develop a relationship that doesn’t happen overnight. This is a process of him knowing that when you come in to see him, that you’re ready to give him what he needs to succeed on multiple levels — on a personal level in terms of understanding what makes us tick, and a professional level in giving him the type of football that he feels can help him to succeed.”

“Every player is our player, and it’s our job to develop them. … It’s to put them in a position to succeed, and that’s coaching. We’re just going to do that daily and do everything we can to empower players to be at their best.”