Lovie Smith is running out of excuses: “This week it is a must game”

The Chicago Bears started out 7-1 and they are now 8-6. Head Coach Lovie Smith, whose seat is getting hotter each week, just doesn’t know what to say.

The Bears spiral could stop Sunday, when they play the Arizona Cardinals, it really is a must game now. A lot of teams who are actually winning games keep passing the Bears.

The Green Bay Packers claimed the division yesterday while the Bears slipped out of the 6th spot for the final wildcard spot in the NFC.

In the meantime, Smith stopped trying to make it seem it wasn’t raining; instead he broke out an umbrella.

“Yesterday’s game was a must-game for the NFC North championship, but besides that, it wasn’t a must-game with what can happen for our season,” Smith said at his press conference on Monday. “This week it is a must game.”

“There are a lot of 8-6 teams,” Smith said. “We haven’t gone over every scenario, but we just know that there are a lot of us in it, and for us it’s about getting to 10-6. And getting to 10-6 is about beating Arizona and getting to 9-6.”

“When you’ve lost as many as we have, I can’t give you a good reason for it,” Smith said.

Ouch…Maybe he could lie to us?

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