Kenny Britt doesn't think it's fair to compare his situation to AP's

Tennesee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt and Vikings RB Adrian Peterson both came back this season following devestating knee injuries. That's where the comparison ends.

Peterson's comeback is the stuff of legend. He ran like he never ran before, much to everyone's amazement, and almost grabbed the single-season rushing record in the process. Shy just nine yards.

On the other hand, Kenny Britt came back and just concluded what he called his worst season of his career.

“He is just a freak of nature, period, even before the knee,” Britt told the Tennessean.

“But seeing Adrian Peterson makes me feel like I want to be a running back. Just hand me the ball and I can just run. As a wide receiver there is more stopping and planting and getting back used to catching the ball than just being handed off the ball and starting running. There’s a big difference.’’

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