Jim Harbaugh says Seattle’s offense has changed quite a bit over the last three weeks

While Jim Harbaugh made the decision to go with second year quarterback Colin Kaepernick, further up the west coast a rookie had already beat out a veteran for the signal caller position.

Russell Wilson didn’t wait for an injury, he took the fight to Matt Flynn until Pete Carroll and the coaches just couldn’t justify not having Wilson be the starter.

However, at the start of the season the offense was watered down for Wilson, more scripted and controlled, but in the past three weeks, Carroll and his offensive coaches came to the conclusion that Wilson could handle the entire playbook.

They gave him the keys to the Porsche, and went racing 120 down the football highway.

Now, after back to back 50+ point blowouts, they get the ultimate test in the number one defense in football, the San Francisco 49ers.  

Jim Harbaugh talks about Wilson and what the Seahawks are doing that is causing so much havoc for opposing defenses on The Wheelhouse on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco.

“Seattle’s offense has changed quite a bit over the last three weeks where you’ve seen the quarterback-driven runs with Russell Wilson.

30 of those types of plays in the last three weeks. So that’s an extra dimension, that’s another dimension that they’ve been bringing,”

“The quarterback-driven runs where the quarterback is another ball carrier adds another blocker, adds another element to the running game.

In normal football without quarterback-driven runs, it’s really 11 for the defense and 10 for the offense in terms of people that can block and can run with the ball. … But when you bring in the option attack…now the quarterback becomes, in essence, another runner that can have 10 other blockers, or he can be pitching it to somebody — and because the defense has to account for the quarterback — he becomes a blocker. So it’s 11 on 11 again.”

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