Jets may have avoided Revis' reps at Combine, but they sure discussed him with others

The New York Jets are playing this all wrong it seems with Darrelle Revis, shunning arguably the best cornerback in the league and possibly their best player on the team.

Reports were out a few days ago that the Jets were avoiding Revis' representatives at the Combine in Indianapolis, only to have this latest news break that they're talking to a lot of other people about him. The ducking was a possible indication that Revis is going to be traded should they find the right trade partner, now this New York Daily News report makes it a clear indication.

Jets GM John Idzik has talked with multiple teams about trading Revis, with a source telling the Daily News that Idzik was “actively” shopping Revis, and interested teams are exploring their options to acquire him.

And head coach Rex Ryan is reportedly out of the loop.

Per the Daily News: "Idzik is basically flying solo on the Revis talks, with Ryan and other members of the organization (other than Johnson) out of the loop."

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