Jerry Jones quote of the day: "Cowboys o-line better than over half the league"

Jerry Jones seems to open his mouth and blurt out a sentence that leaves people scratching their heads almost daily.

Today was no exception. As a guest on KRLD-FM earlier today, Jones said the Cowboys offensive line is better than over half of the teams in the NFL (relayed via ESPN's Tim MacMahon on Twitter).

Why stop there? I'm sure he feels Tony Romo is better than half the league's quarterbacks too.

More and more, Jones looks like the old guy who just needs to let go, let others handle his team, and step back from the spotlight and just write the checks, collect the profits and be happy. Nothing less, nothing more.

Question is, who will convince Jones of the issues everybody sees except for him?  Maybe former Dallas great Roger Staubach, who is the latest to come out and question Jerry's unique brand of team ownership.

"Jerry is trying real hard," Staubach told ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike Show. "He goes back to the old days when they won three Super Bowls. I think the formula is he's got to find a medium ground and delegate more authority..."It's his team. He owns the team. He's passionate about it, and I can't tell him what to do. So I'm just a big Cowboys fan and hoping for the best."