Jason Garrett backs Tony Romo: “He's done a lot of great things for this franchise”

Another year, another missed playoff season and Dallas fans are fuming over Tony Romo.

The Sunday night meltdown has Cowboys fans up in arms, and while Jason Garrett is sticking by his quarterback, it might not be wise to stand too close.

For the second straight year the Cowboys missed the playoffs while controlling their own destiny. Monday brought out the calls for change at the quarterback position, that Romo isn’t the answer.

However, Garrett feels he can win with Romo, which is a good sign for Garrett in terms of security, but bad for Romo that after one day, the public already wants another option and coach has to come to his defense.

"We have great belief of Tony Romo as our quarterback," Garrett said Monday, according to Dan Hanzus of NFL.com.

"Tony has won a lot of big games for us, too, to get us to the point where we can play for the division in Week 17 in consecutive years.

We all know that we want to take the next step, and Tony is going to be a big part of that going forward."

"I think you have to understand the whole body of work," Garrett said.

"I think you have to understand that winning is how we get evaluated. He's done a lot of great things for this franchise. We're excited about him being our quarterback."


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