Hey Danny Ainge, this is how to blow up the Boston Celtics and stay relevant

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Mike Volpone has some advice for Danny Ainge...

There are several different scenarios and opinions people have provided on Facebook, Twitter and other social media avenues to what the Celtics should do with the team.  Keep it together and let the team continue with the excellent play as of late, winners of eight of the last nine (the team was up 50-49 at halftime vs. Denver) or do they realize that the chances of being a viable contender in the playoffs is very small and make the necessary changes to stay in the hunt for years to come. The safe play is to stand pat and take your chance with the current roster and go for one more ride. My choice is to make some drastic changes and move many of the pieces and get ready for the future.

Danny here is some ideas and why they would work.  These moves are all contingent on the others being made so they would have to be made all together.  Get some sleep because to pull something like this off you will need to be alert and ready for the games to begin

Current roster is Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Avery Bradley, Brandon Bass, Jeff Green, Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, Rajon Rondo, Jared Sullinger, Fab Melo, Chris Wilcox, Leandro Barbosa, Jason Collins and Terrence Williams (new 10 day contract signed)

Move #1

Boston sends Garnett, Melo and Pierce to the La Clippers for DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe, Lamar Odom and Caron Butler. 

LA Pros – This gives KG his wish to go to LA, plus going to a team with friends (Billups and Paul).  He also gets Pierce moved with him, so this would help convince him to waive his no-trade deal.   They get leadership, grit and championship caliber players to go with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin.  Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro gets the chance to win now and get the extension.  If it does not work, they can buy out Pierce cheaply ($4million)

Celtics Pros – The Celtics get a center (Jordan) a point guard (Bledsoe) and some depth at forward (Odom and Butler) for now and the future as only Odom comes off the book at the end of the season

Move #2

Boston sends Rondo, Wilcox and Collins to the Charlotte Bobcats for Kemba Walker, Byron Mullens and DeSagna Diop.

Charlotte Pros - The Bobcats get the PG of the future and a player molded like their owner Michael Jordan.  The other two are throw-ins to get some veteran role models which the young Bobcats could use to finish the season and possibly for next year as both are on one year deals

Boston Pros – They get Walker who can play alongside Bledsoe or fill in for him as the team needs some depth at PG.  Mullins and Diop provide athletic depth upfront at center.  Both are also on one year deals, which will give the Celtics a chance to try them out and then they can see who would work with Jordan

Move #3

Boston sends Jared Sullinger, Brandon Bass, Jason Terry and Avery Bradley to Atlanta for Josh Smith and John Jenkins

Atlanta Pros – They get a couple of things for Smith, who was walking after the season, in youth in Sullinger (it will be worth the wait to get him in 2013-14)and Bradley and consistency in Bass and Terry.  The longer contracts in Bass and Terry could hurt, but they are good character guys and will provide solid depth in their rebuild

Boston Pros – They keep getting more athletic in Smith, who would provide a significant upgrade over Sullinger, or could be used in a sign and trade for LA Lakers center Dwight Howard, either coming to Boston, or someone else like Brooklyn where the Celtics could pick up a Brook Lopez and parts.  Jenkins is thrown in for salary cap and body count

These moves work in the ESPN Trade machine if done as one four way trade.  The results show the Clippers are the big winner as they gain 4 victories, while the Celtics gain one and the Bobcats and Hawks lose 4 each.  (See chart below). 


The starting rotation would be Eric Bledsoe at the point, Kemba Walker at the shooting guard with Jeff Green at the small forward, Josh Smith at the power forward and DeAndre Jordan at center.  Your bench is Courtney Lee filling in for either Bledsoe or Walker at either the 1 or 2 positions, Caron Butler filling in at the 2 or the three, Lamar Odom filling in at the 3 or 4 and Mullins filling in at the 5.

I doubt Ainge does anything but if he looks at the team for the long run the Celtics get more athletic in Jordan, Bledsoe, Butler and Welker and flexible in Smith, Mullins, Diop and Odom who are all in the final year of their deals.   They can build for the future while not losing too much ground.

Ainge said he never would let the Celtics get old, but it is happening right in front of his face.  By making these moves they get younger and provides flexibility, something they don’t have of either.  It all starts with getting KG to waive his no-trade. 

If Danny can’t make him change his mind the team stands pat, if he gets him to waive it, all hell could break loose.  Something to think about


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Hey Danny Ainge, this is how to blow up the Boston Celtics and stay relevant | 60 Max Power O - Pro Football News, Coverage and Analysis


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