Green Bay bar taunts Adrian Peterson with sign

In the wake of Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews vowing that Adrian Peterson won't run for 200 yards against them in their wild-card matchup, fans have also gotten into the bold claims and declarations.

Case in point is this Green Bay area bar's new sign they created to commemorate Peterson coming just 9 yards shy of Eric Dickerson's single-season rushing record.

The photo was posted on Twitter by Keith Leventhal of Twin Cities TV station KARE 11.

In response to the sign, employees at the Mall of America also have a sign in the works that will read "This Is What 409 Yards Looks Like", referring to AP's total yards in the two times the teams met in the regular season.


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Green Bay bar taunts Adrian Peterson with sign | 60 Max Power O - Pro Football News, Coverage and Analysis


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