GM Kevin Colbert: Steelers locker room is fine

Pittsburgh Steelers GM Kevin Colbert knows very well that when your team goes 8-8, things won't be all sunshine and lollipops with the players, but insists that there's no locker room problems with this team.

"Whether you win the Super Bowl or go 8-8, there's no 100 percent harmonious locker room," Colbert said today at the NFL combine, via Gerry Dulac of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

"I don't care where it is. That's exemplified more when you're 8-8. Quite honestly, I'm not concerned about our locker room.

Colbert also addressed the anonymous criticism of LaMarr Woodley: "I was bothered by the fact it was an anonymous comment," he said. "I don't believe any comments made about LaMarr Woodley. LaMarr Woodley has been a significant player on very successful teams and we're happy he's part of our team.

"If you talk to LaMarr, he'll be the first to tell you he was disappointed in his performance. Going forward, he's going to try to erase that season. I don't give any credence to any comment that's not attributed to a player. That's a bigger disappointment to me than anything LaMarr Woodley did or didn't do."

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