General Belichick is back at it with the military analogies

Just mere days after explaining that the Patriots would come out and attack the Texans because "you don’t win a war by digging a foxhole and sitting in it", head coach Bill Belichick has now offered up this armed forces tidbit:

"It's like when you talk to the Navy SEALs and those guys about when they go on a mission, they talk about, 'alright, so we get there and we practiced going over a six-foot wall and the wall is 30 feet high.' Well, that's the way it is in the NFL", Belichick said in his final press conference before the game.

Bill clearly has been perusing the military books on his shelf as he prepares for 'war' with the Texans, which brings back to mind Peter King's 2005 story on Belichick for Sports Illustrated...

" Befittingly, Belichick has a library full of books in his brick house in a leafy Boston suburb. While examining the titles one day this summer, a visitor came across a thin, worn paperback.

"The Art of War," the visitor said, looking at the translation of a 2,500-year-old treatise on the Chinese principles of warfare. "Wow. You read that?"

"Yeah," he replied, his expression not unlike the one he wears when a play goes wrong. "I got something out of it. But, you know, 'Don't move your troops when the ground is muddy'? I mean...."

Belichick is not saying he's any smarter than Sun Tzu. He just knows that he's got a pretty good brain, and he's willing to use it. Just as Jeannette and Steve Belichick taught their boy to do. "

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