Fuzzy math: John Fox says he was “playing the percentages” in Broncos loss

The Denver Broncos, still lamenting what could have been this season after shockingly losing to the Baltimore Ravens at home, are trying hard to make sense of it all.

Enter head coach John Fox, who insisted on Monday that he was “playing the percentages” in the loss, including his decision to have Peyton Manning take a knee at the end of regulation.

“I’d do it again 10 times if it presented itself 10 times in that situation", he said via Nick Groke of the Denver Post.

John Elway sought to defend his coach, repeating Fox's words, not once, but twice, saying "the percentages are with us.”

Keith Goldner of Advanced NFL Stats, told Groke that Fox's decision to kneel down cost him about a 19% chance of winning.

...since the 2000 NFL season there have been 21 games similar to the Broncos’ situation against the Ravens (a drive that starts with between 20-40 seconds remaining; the offense has two or more timeouts; the offense has either a deficit of 3-or-fewer points or the game is tied). Read the rest >

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