Flacco's 'elite' status comes to the forefront again

Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco led his team to a victory over the favored Denver Broncos, and of course, here comes his agent Joe Linta to rehash his stance on whether Flacco deserves a new (and big) contract, and the label of 'elite.'

“If you don’t think that’s an elite guy, then you’re crazy,” Linta told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network earlier Sunday. “He’s a top five guy, if not better.”

Flacco's negotiation leverage has increased due to his performance Saturday; it could either go up or down depending on how well he does against the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship, yet his agent wants you to know no one is focusing on his contract status.

“Joe has never been more focused and less interested in his contract than right now,” Flacco’s agent, Joe Linta, told ProFootBallTalk via email. Linta added that there’s “[p]lenty of time after the season” to talk contract.

We think Flacco will get his contract, but as far as money goes, it all hinges on next week.

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