Ex-Jet Braylon Edwards thinks fans should "blame the idiots calling the shots"

Seattle Seahawks receiver Braylon Edwards had some choice words for Jets fans who he thinks are placing way too much blame on QB Mark Sanchez.

It's not Mark's fault he says (well, he can take a little of the blame, no?).

Via Twitter, Edwards, who played with Sanchez for the QB's first two years in the NFL, has this advice for the Jets faithful:

Those idiots calling the shots, in case you didn't know, would be head coach Rex Ryan, GM Mike Tannenbaum and owner Woody Johnson.

Yes, all of them, according to Edwards, are idiots, and he may be on to something. Poor drafting, poor hiring decisions, poor game plans, you name it. All of those mentioned deserve blame.

Not so sure about Mark Sanchez being a 'beast' though, and he has had plenty of opportunities to prove himself, or 'probe' himself as Braylon wrote (we'll give him a pass on that one, v and b are right next to each other on the keyboard).

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