Donovan McNabb on Eagles-Cowboys: “I think this will be a nightmare game”

Donovan McNabb is probably the last person Eagles fans want to hear from right now.

It's his opinion that the team is only to going to get worse. Perhaps they should be listening. He chimed in on their upcoming game with the Dallas Cowboys.

“I think this will be a nightmare game,” McNabb said via CSN Philadelphia. “And now, when you’re makeshifting different guys, there’s no chemistry, there’s no continuity, there’s an identity problem with this team, and I think it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.”

He also think the Cowboys must be giddy at the prospect of facing rookie Nick Foles and a weak offensive line.

“You’re playing against guys who are probably chomping at the bit at this particular point watching this offensive line,” McNabb said. “It’s really bad for Nick Foles because this being his first year, and his first couple games getting under his belt, he’s not really able to gain that confidence that he needs.”

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