D'oh! Oh that’s what you meant: Mark Sanchez is truly at a loss of words

What Rex Ryan meant was we are going to win this one with defense, Mark. Why don’t you go have a seltzer with a lime twist.

On Wednesday, Jets QB Mark Sanchez said Rex Ryan was sending him a message; good thing it wasn’t one in a bottle. Sanchez continues to show that not only he is unable to handle being a NFL quarterback; he’s having a hard enough time wondering what is he doing so wrong.

“I think he was more or less sending a message,” Sanchez said via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “It’s well received. I know. I got it.”

Got what? Asked about his 3 horrible interceptions he threw Sunday, he replied:

“It was probably the worst and best experience of my life,” Sanchez said.  “Hopefully you learn from it and move on and never look back.”

If that performance had any good in it, a pair of beer goggles are going to be needed. Jets fans aren’t feeling as warm and fuzzy about the crashing Jets; Sanchez fumbled off his own teammates butt and literally forced Fireman Ed to quit the week before in disgust.  

Sanchez’s biggest problem is that the Jets keep giving him enough rope, and he keeps getting a sore neck nose-diving.