Cullen Jenkins says, 'you just can’t bring in people who think they’re superstars'

Cullen Jenkins is preaching to the choir, and in Philly, that’s as much harmony one gets from these past two years.

The recently released Eagle was brought in with an influx of stars, deeming themselves the “Dream team.” Players boasted on how great they were, however, the only thing that was great was the amount of money that got funneled out of Philadelphia's management, with poor results.

Jenkins said it right; just because you pour syrup over it, it doesn’t make it pancakes. Jenkins spoke to 97.5 The Fanatic and talked about the train wreck in Philly and why it went so bad.

“It was rough. It was definitely a couple of the hardest years I’ve had in my career. Just so much expectations coming into a team that had such a great tradition and bringing in so many good players and people who they thought or were expected to perform and do well, and we weren’t able to accomplish anything. So it was definitely a disappointing two years.”

“We didn’t jell together enough. You can’t just always bring in a bunch of superstars — people who think they’re superstars.

You gotta have players that just know their role and go along with that and just do whatever they can to help the team. We just didn’t jell the way that we needed to jell to be a successful team.”